Got loads of apples and pears going spare?

We’d like to make good use of your surplus fruit!

Get a voucher for a 750ml bottle of juice for every crate of apples or pears you leave with us (or cider if you're willing to wait a year!). Here's when and where you can donate your fruit to us:

  • Every Thursday 10am - 9pm at All Hallows Church, LS6 1NP 
  • Saturdays 10am - 12noon on 7th Oct28th Oct11th Nov at All Hallows Church, LS6 1NP
  • Saturday 12noon- 5pm on 14th Oct at Left Bank Cider Festival, LS6 1LJ


We can also collect your fruit! 

Email us at to arrange. Then we can only offer 1 bottle of juice in total.

We will be making juice and cider until the 11th November so lets get on with making the most of all your surplus fruit!

Are you a tree owner? (If not, scroll down!)

If you have a tree, let us know your details in the form below so we can be in touch and log your details and make use of your fruit.

This year (2017) we have the following ways to donate your apples/pears:

You can...

  1. Pick and deliver your fruit. In return you will get 1 x 750ml bottle of juice per crate of apples! (approx 15kg)
  2. Pick the fruit and leave it for us to collect. In return we can offer a voucher for a 750ml bottle of apple juice. (If there's the equivalent of at least 2 shopping baskets full of fruit)
  3. Do nothing. Just let us pick and take away the unused fruit. (If there's the equivalent of at least 4 shopping baskets full of fruit)
  4. Come along with your apples (no minimum amount!) to our Juice-Your-Own Day where you can juice it yourself. Pasteurising may not be available so the juice will have a limited shelf life. There will be a small suggested donation on the day for bottles, equipment use etc!

Please note: We may not be able to pick up your fruit. It all depends where you are and how busy we are!

Make sure you contact us before picking and expecting a collection as we can't be everywhere at once!

Spotted a tree laden with fruit?

Let us know where they are and we'll contact the owner about making some delicious juice and cider.

Just fill in the fruit tree spotters form below.