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If you have any problems during usewhilst using our equipment, please call 07858 129331 (Jenny) or 07730 216943 (Alan).

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Here are some people & places to inspire ...

All Hallows Church Leeds.  A brilliant space that we have teamed up with for jucing and events, you can also return your bottles here (on arranged and publicised times)

London Orchard Project working with community groups to restore, build and harvest city areas.

Joined by Julie from Rocket Catering, specialising in vegetarian catering, vegan catering and special diet catering such as raw food, wheat-free and organic catering

An exciting article by Megan Lane for BBC on the abundance of tree and hedgerow fruit this year.

An article on the genome of 'Golden Delicious' in Nature Genetics Journal.

Not Far from the Tree are a similar project across the pond in Toronto city.

Northern Fruit Group
A group of people interested in the growing of fruit, pruning, grafting and various workshops.

A Devonshire company that provide expertise and equipment for juicing and cider making.

Fareshare Community Food Network
A large portion of this years harvest goes directly to Fareshare Leeds and is then distributed to its cCommunity Members.

Abundance Sheffield
A well established group that have recently been awarded The Observer's Ethical Grassroots Award 2010.

Abundance Manchester
Another active organisation working on community projects and allotments.

Leeds Permaculture Network
Leeds Urban Harvest have been supported by LPN from the offset.  LPN provides courses, events and advice on Permaculture living.