Each year, thousands of fruit trees across the city go unpicked because their owners can’t harvest them or there is too much fruit to use at one time. Leeds Urban Harvest is a community project that collects, processes and makes use of surplus fruit that would otherwise go to waste, from trees and bushes in both public and private spaces.

We started in 2009 as a grassroots group collecting and foraging fruit from Leeds gardens and public spaces. As we built up a bank of fruit picking and processing equipment we started lending it out to community groups to do their own picking and processing. We think that the more fruit that gets harvested and used, the better! Are you a tree owner or know of any trees going unpicked? Let us know!

In 2017, we have started to scale-up the amount of apple processing we are doing so we can make use of more surplus fruit (mostly apples and pears) and so we can become a more stable social enterprise. Find out more about the apple juice and cider we are making and selling this year.

Any money raised from equipment hire and juice sales is put back into the project.

If you want to get involved please get in touch.


We are part of Leeds Permaculture Network.


With thanks to LPN and Rachel from Old Sleningford Farm for all the advice and support.